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Our oral cavity:
Dental disease affects almost every human being, our bodies can not cure it by itself and can not be cured with drugs alone. Most dental disease damage is irreversible and will worsen without treatment and even with treatment it could reoccur. Sometimes a dental condition will compound another or interrelate with it.

Because most people do not relate dental disease to their general health or well being, and in occasions its appearance is not dramatic, coupled with their fear of treatment and its cost, many persons will postpone their visits to the dental office until they are in pain or it is to late to prevent more damage.

Our mouth performs not only the essential function of speech (been therefore our principal way of communication with the world around us) but it is the center for taste, mastication and the beginning of digestive function. It conveys personality and emotional expression becoming an important part of our appearance.

For all these reasons each individual should have an oral hygiene based on a daily, effective dental plaque control program through flossing, brushing and rinsing, good nutrition and stress management. An educated, motivated and responsible patient is the best health care provider he or she can have. Remember "Any treatment can be compared with the benefit of not needing any treatment at all".

Tooth and Gum Tonic
The tonic is a valuable oral rinse that is capable of penetrating the outer layer of the
tissues for more than just surface action. It clings to the tissues much longer than commercial "mouthwash" and
continues to work for a very long time for both periodontal health and bad breath.
In addition to rinsing, the Tonic can be used in two other ways:
  • Applied between the teeth with an inter dental brush, such as a Sulcabrush ®.
  • Applied under the gums using a hand-held syringe with an irrigating tip.
* Ask your dentist or hygienist if either of these additional ways of using Tonic is indicated for you.

Antiseptic Tooth and Gum Spritz is far more than just a commercial "breath spray."
Its not just social.. it's also therapeutic! The highly-effective ingredients
found in our products have been specifically compounded to give the Spritz a very high
potency. It clings to the tissues much longer than any commercial "breath spray."
It works for hours! The Spritz can be used by itself or to reinforce the effects of our
other fine products.

*Ideal for: periodontal patients, smokers, social drinkers, garlic lovers, people on the go
and people who get close to other people.

Available in a .7 fl. oz (21 ML) non-aerosol dispenser.

Tooth Paste
The Paste is a unique preparation that is specifically formulated to help maintain
healthy teeth and gums, and freshen breath for hours.

In addition to the synergistically compounded ingredients found in our other products, this
revolutionary formula contains potent green tea extract. The Paste is an effective adjunct to the
Dental Herb Company ® oral hygiene program.

* Available in a 4 oz. tube. If used twice daily, this is approximately a two month supply (depending on the
recommended use by your dental professional).

* No sodium lauryl sulfate (no foaming agent)
* No artificial sweeteners or chemical preservatives.

Under the Gum Irrigant
This potent formula is designed to be used in an oral irrigator such as a WaterPik®.
This will enable the solution to be delivered subgingivally (under the gums) into even deep
periodontal pockets for maximum effect. The Irrigant is more dense than the Tonic both in it's active
ingredients and substantivity

The Irrigant is not a concentrate of the Tonic. Diluting the Irrigant will not create the same proportion
of ingredients as the Tonic.

*Available in a 4.1 oz. amber glass bottle.

* The Irrigant i made for use in oral irrigators such as a WaterPik®